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82.00 $

DescriptionAdult Defibrillation Pads for the Lifeline AED.  Features2 year shelf life What's included?1 set of adult electrode pads  *The item is..

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Box of 20..

387.60 $

Box of 20..

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DescriptionAdult Defibrillation pads for the Powerheart G3 AEDs. What's included?1 set of adult electrode pads Features2-year shelf life  *The item..

150.00 $

DescriptionPediatric Pads for the Powerheart G3 AED. The pediatric pads are for use when the patient is 8 years old or younger or with a weight of 55 pounds (25kg) or less. What's included?1 s..

297.00 $

DescriptionIntellisense CPR Feedback (ICPR) Adult Pads for the Powerheart G5 AED.The Intellisense CPR Feedback Electrode Pads use a proprietary algorithm which monitors chest compression depth and ..

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DescriptionAdult Intellisense Pads for the Powerheart G5 AED. Features2-year shelf life What's included?1 set of adult electrode pads  *The item ..

336.30 $

Reusable Adult Masimo LNCS SpO2 Sensor..

176.55 $

Includes: 2 set electrodes, 1 battery charger (CHAREG-PAK), replacement instructions, discharger for safe disposal of used CHARGE-PAK IMPORTANT: Replace the CHARGE-PAK battery charger and QUIK-..

165.85 $

1 set electrodes for Infant/Child with reduced energy  For use on children less than 8 years of age or less than 55lbs (25kg)For use with LIFEPAK 500 biphasic AED with pink connector or LIFE..

215.00 $

Electrodes (Adult) CPR-D Padz - AED (Defibrillator) ZOLL AED PlusOne piece defibrillation and CPR system with compression, depth, and rate sensorsSupplied with gloves, barrier mask, scissors, and wipe..

135.00 $

Electrodes (Pediatric) Multi-function Pedi-Padz II - AED (Defibrillator) ZOLL AED Plus/AED ProDesigned for use with the ZOLL AED Plus and ZOLL AED ProThe AED will recognize when the pads are connected..

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