N95 Mask - Precision Air size S/M (purple)

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  • The most technological N95 level reusable respirator mask on the market


    The Precision AIR™ mask is truly the most advanced personal protective device offering the safety of ≥95% particle filtration efficiency, the comfort of an elastomer face seal, cost savings over masks with one-time use also adds an integrated NFC technology option for computerized inventory management.


    Designed for safety and comfort

    We believe that comfort should not be sacrificed to achieve the level of protection required. We have therefore created a mask that corresponds to the needs and faces of healthcare providers. A recent study demonstrated that after using a reusable mask for one month, none of 2,000 healthcare providers chose to switch back to single-use N95 masks!


    Ecological cost saving

    Precision AIR™ was designed for ease of cleaning and is less demanding than a disposable N95 mask. Our single-use caps and filters are made from recyclable materials2. Reduction of waste; increased savings!


    The personalized solution for healthcare professionals

    Our large filters, custom-designed for our device, allow for greater airflow, which optimizes acoustic resonance so your voice is heard clearly while keeping your face comfortable and cool.


    Rigorously tested, reliable rugged

    Our engineers have designed a goggle that works as hard as you do, without taking a break. We have tested and certified the performance of the Precision AIR™ mask with NIOSH and CAN/CSA3 standards.

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