Defibrillator (AED) Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Plus

  • 9390E-1020SP
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  • The Powerheart G3 Plus includes sound indicators and the RescueCoach metronome to guide the rescuer with confidence throughout the rescue process, including full support for CPR.

    Defibrillation shock delivery options fully automated : the shock is administered automatically (if needed), without the need to push a button and without human intervention

    Defibrillation Shock Delivery Option semi-automated : guides the rescuer to push the button administering shock

    Reliability and performance: 7 years warranty for the device and 4 years for the battery performance

    Complies with AHA 2010 guidelines


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PowerheartG3SpecSheetEN.pdf 122.23KB 483
Powerheart G3 PlusSpecSheetEN.pdf 134.6KB 294

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