Defibrillator/monitor LP20e

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  • The LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/monitor has seven main operating modes:

    Manual Mode: Provides a normal operating capability for ALS users. Allows access to manual mode energy selections up to 360J, synchronized cardioversion and pacing. ECG waveform is displayed.

    AED Mode: Provides a normal operating capability for BLS users. All user features are available except manual defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, pacing, and access to archived patient records. Provides shock energy defaults up to 360J. User selectable option to display ECG waveforms and/or visual AED prompts.

    Setup Mode: Allows the operator to configure the device settings.

    Service Mode: Allows the operator to execute diagnostic tests and calibrations, to display device module software and hardware
    versions, and to display and print the diagnostic code log.

    Inservice Mode: Simulated waveforms are available for demonstration purposes. The waveforms consist of short
    segments of realistic data, which are repeated to form a continuous waveform.

    Archive Mode: Provides operator the opportunity to access records of previous patients for review, transmission, printing, editing or deletion.

    Auto Test Mode: Performs daily self-tests.

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