First Aid Equipment

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Adhesive tape made from perforated and hypoallergenic plastic tape to hold dressings and tubing with high adhesionIts transparency helps to monitor skin and bandagesEasy to tear in width and length..

3.85 $

Designed to lift bandages away from the skin safely for easier cutting, due to its lower blade which is longer and goes easily under the bandages Angled scissors with smooth, rounded tips to preven..

8.27 $

Bandages 1 inch (100/bx), plastic top ..

3.74 $

Bandages 3/4 inch (100/bx), plastic top ..

0.00 $

Compression bandage 10cm x 10cm ..

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Used to hold gauze compresses and non-adherent compresses in place.Stretches to provide freedom of movement in hard-to-think places.This dressing is durable and resistant, while being soft and comf..

29.00 $

Emergency Eye Station with 1L Bottle..

18.00 $

Eyewash Bottle with Eye Cup 1L (Empty)..

25.00 $

Eyewash Solution 1L..

45.00 $

Eyewash Solution 4L..

4.95 $

Fabric Knuckle Bandage (50/bx)..

10.00 $

Gauze Compress 10cm x 10cm (box of 100) ..

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