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119.70 $

Defibrillator Analyzer Adapter Cable - AED (Defibrillator) ZOLL AED Plus/AED ProConnects AED Plus/AED Pro to Defibrillator Analyzer..

The LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator has six main operating modes:AED Mode: for automated ECG analysis and a prompted treatment protocol for patients in cardiac arrest.Manual Mode: for performing manu..

The LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/monitor has seven main operating modes:Manual Mode: Provides a normal operating capability for ALS users. Allows access to manual mode energy selections up to 360J, synch..

69.00 $

Digital Saturometer (batteries not included)..

36.00 $

The Ampule Cracker Disposable simply slip the ampule cracker over the top at the pre-scored portion, snap it and discard both the ampule top and the safety collar to prevent cross-contamination. Am..

26.00 $

1 container 350 ml for single use1 suction catheter for children1 suction catheter for adults..

10.99 $

Disposable blue mask for childrenASTM level 3 50 masks per box..

80.00 $

FeaturesMeets CDC guidelines for protection against TB exposure control standards and protection against laser plumes of surgical smokeBacterial filter efficiency >99.9%Available in 5 color cod..

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Disposable Pillow 18" x 24" (single)..

59.99 $

Disposable stretcher sheet (40 x 90 inches), white & blue, 50/box ..

7.99 $

Disposable surgical mask with ear loops - Level IIMeets ASTM-F2100 standardDesign with folds that prevents fluid build-upFlexible and fluid-resistant materials to prevent contaminationParticules filt..

105.00 $

Ear curette with light source Boite of 50Available : AngleLoop 4mmMicroLoop 3mmWave 2.5mm FlexLoop 4mm CeraSpoon 4mm InfantSpoon 2mm VersaLoop 3mm*Photo as an..

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