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38.95 $

Box of 50 Test Strips..

15.95 $

Disposable Hair Cap - Blue          Size: 24 "         Material: soft, light and breathable         Elastic: fix the ela..

249.00 $

These gowns protect the arms and torso against fine particles and liquid sprays.Elastic cuff adjustmentTies in the back and neck for an optimal fitFull back coverageLevel 2Box of 100 gowns ..

1.25 $

Lightweight elastic bandages made of soft washable fabrics for the skin Used to immobilize the joints following a minor injury such as a sprainIt provides firm support and compression that promotes he..

1,999.00 $

Evacuation chair for stairs (manual) MOBI EVAC..

7.50 $

Folds or bends for immediate convenient use in an emergency.Flexible, waterproof, malleable and reusable.Easily attaches to the body with gauze bandages or tape.Does not stick to wounds.X-ray per..

99.00 $

Head immobilizer universally compatible with any backboard or scoop stretcher. Vinyl-coated foam allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting. The extra-large head blocks provide maximum support, whil..

0.00 $

Syringe consisting of a transparent syringe body with an accentuated and graduated scale.Luer Lock that reduces the risk of leaks and splashes thanks to its secure connection.Easy-to-read graduat..

55.00 $

Manual sphygmomanometer with stethoscope..

8.00 $

Resuscitation mask with valve(without O2 inlet and without case) ..

11.25 $

Plastic case including 8 oropharyngeal cannulas Sizes: (50 to 120mm) Quick identification of the dimension with a color code. Made of flexible vinyl. Latex Free. Individually wrapp..

0.85 $

Valve control at the end Without latex Individual packaging Sterile..

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