Why use an AED?
During a sudden cardiac arrest, the electrical impulses that normally cause the heart’s contractions (the heartbeat) become chaotic, and the heart muscles quiver spasmodically. An AED sends a brief electrical pulse into the heart, allowing the normal electrical system of the heart to regain control.

Can an AED be used by anyone?
Since 2013, anyone can use an AED in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. In the past, only doctors, specialized nurses and first responders could use it. Today, anyone can use the defibrillator, but basic training is strongly recommended. The training (which takes no more than 30 minutes) can simply, safely, and effectively help someone save a life as every second counts.

Who can buy an AED?
An AED can be bought by anyone and will help to save a life.

When to replace the battery and electrodes?
Replace the CHARGE-PAK battery charger and QUIK-PAK™ electrodes packet after using the AED, if the CHARGE-PAK symbol appears in the readiness display or when the Use By date is reached (typically 2 years).

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