N95 Mask – Precision Air size S/M (purple)


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The most advanced reusable N95-level respirator mask Combining the safety of ≥95% PFE, the comfort of an elastomeric face seal, cost savings compared to disposable masks and optional embedded NFC technology for cloud-based inventory management1, Precision AIR™ is truly the most advanced personal protective device.



  • Safety and comfort
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Broad facial variability coverage
  • Cleanability
  • Ergonomics
  • Verbal communication clarity
  • Disposable filters & caps
  • Designed for safety, engineered for comfort – We believe that safety should not come at the cost of comfort, and have created a mask that fits the needs and faces of care providers. A recent study showed that after one month of using reusable masks, 0 out of 2000 healthcare providers chose to return to using disposable N95 masks!
  • Saving cost while saving the environment – Designed for easy cleaning, Precision AIR™ is less expensive than disposable N95 masks. One study has shown reusable masks more than 10x less expensive2! Our disposable caps and filters are made of recyclable material. Reduce waste; increase savings.
  • The personal solution for healthcare professionals – Our large custom filters allow greater air flow, which optimizes acoustic resonance so that your voice will be heard loud and clear while your face will remain cool and comfortable.
  • Rigorously tested, ruggedly reliable – Our engineers have built a mask that can work as hard as you can, without taking a break. We’ve tested and validated the performance of Precision AIR™ to meet or exceed NIOSH and CAN/CSA standards3, and possess Health Canada authorization.
  • Filters not included, mask only

Survivor's Testimonials

"If Canadian Tire didn’t have an AED, who’s to say I’d be here today?"

Tim Biggins / Survivor

“The AED messages about what to do were reassuring and helpful.”

Elimane Ba / Cora Hypermarket security guard

“No one is immune from a cardiac event—no matter your age or your health history.”

Matthew Van Hall / St. Louis Police officer

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