Nanuk 920 black heated case with foam for AED


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Main Features

Unbreakable, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-resistant, and now capable of operating equipment in extreme temperatures! Our heated case is crafted from top-quality components, stainless steel fasteners, and high-performance connectors in a Nanuk case, representing the international standard in equipment cases.

Simply plug our 6-foot cable connector into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. The factory-set thermostat and 20-watt heater ensure supreme protection, even in temperatures below -30°C.

The case comes with a 6-foot weather-resistant power cable designed to withstand extreme sub-zero temperatures. This high-quality cable works with a high-quality 10-amp fuse and a corrosion-resistant Marinco adapter designed to plug into a 12-volt cigarette receiver. The green indicator light on the Marinco connector will show when the power source is functional.

At the other end of this flexible, insulated cable is a Neutrik connector made of high-quality nickel-coated zinc that securely attaches to the Neutrik receiver part, professionally installed and sealed in the case lid.

Align the 3 prongs of the male and female Neutrik connectors and push them firmly until the locking mechanism on the male connector is engaged. When unplugging, push the release latch and disconnect.

When both ends of the cable are connected and the temperature drops below 4°C, the internal thermostat will close, and the heater will maintain the temperature above freezing at a maximum of 11°C. The case is designed to use only minimal power (only 2 amps/hour when the thermostat is closed) from your battery when environmental conditions dictate. As a precaution, be aware that prolonged use without recharging can drain the battery.

Additional safety precautions: Ensure a safe 12-volt power supply. For optimal operation, avoid using the product in an explosive environment or submerging the device when connected to a power source. While the case is water-resistant, it is not guaranteed to be waterproof. If submerged, inspect the case completely before using it again and connecting it to a power source.

Survivor's Testimonials

"If Canadian Tire didn’t have an AED, who’s to say I’d be here today?"

Tim Biggins / Survivor

“The AED messages about what to do were reassuring and helpful.”

Elimane Ba / Cora Hypermarket security guard

“No one is immune from a cardiac event—no matter your age or your health history.”

Matthew Van Hall / St. Louis Police officer

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