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The Standard First Aid course aims to develop the knowledge and skills required to respond quickly and appropriately to victims in emergency situations based on the following principle of intervention: ABCDE.

The course focuses on the risks and incidents specific to an environment (examples: burns, falls, electrocution, …) and can be accompanied by practical or periodic sessions related to certain protocols and / or interventions.

This course is offered as a single course or in combination with CPR / AED.

Course program in accordance with the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

For more in depth training, you can add severe allergy management to this course (additional time of 1.5h).

Duration : 16 hours

Survivor's Testimonials

"If Canadian Tire didn’t have an AED, who’s to say I’d be here today?"

Tim Biggins / Survivor

“The AED messages about what to do were reassuring and helpful.”

Elimane Ba / Cora Hypermarket security guard

“No one is immune from a cardiac event—no matter your age or your health history.”

Matthew Van Hall / St. Louis Police officer

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