Lifepak CR2 Lithium Battery Pack


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Main Features

The LIFEPAK CR2 Lithium Battery ensures continuous power supply for LIFEPAK AEDs, offering peace of mind and life-saving assistance during cardiac emergencies.

With this durable battery, you can rely on your LIFEPAK CR2 to be always ready for action.

Designed to withstand various environmental conditions, it can administer shocks of up to 360 joules, even in cold climates.

Its high-quality construction means you only need to replace it once every 4 years.

Capable of delivering a minimum of 103 shocks at 360 joules, with a reserve of 6 shocks and 30 minutes of operating time once the low-battery indication is triggered.

This battery boasts a 4-year operational lifespan.


Key Features:

Simple click-and-replace procedure for battery replacement

4-year lifespan

Capable of delivering shocks up to 360 joules


Specifications :

Type: Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2), 12.0V, 4.7 amp-hours.

Capacity (at 20°C): Provides 166,200 joule shocks (with one minute of CPR between shocks), or 103 360-joule shocks (with one minute of CPR between shocks), or 800 minutes of operating time.

Standby Life (assuming daily tests only): A new battery powers the device for 4 years if installed but not used.

Replace Battery Indication: First indicated when at least 6 shocks and 30 minutes of operating time remain.

Weight: 0.3 kg (0.7 lb).

Survivor's Testimonials

"If Canadian Tire didn’t have an AED, who’s to say I’d be here today?"

Tim Biggins / Survivor

“The AED messages about what to do were reassuring and helpful.”

Elimane Ba / Cora Hypermarket security guard

“No one is immune from a cardiac event—no matter your age or your health history.”

Matthew Van Hall / St. Louis Police officer

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